28 June 2007

Hate Crimes

When you think of a hate crime, what is the first thing you think of? Most people will tell you that it is a racial issue: someone who is beaten or killed just because of their race. Because this country is largely homophobic, most would never consider including the gay population as a group that would fall under this domain. There have been many states that have adopted hate crimes into legislation, but almost all have fallen short of including lesbians, gay men, bi-sexuals or transgendered persons under the bill decrying that this population doesn’t deserve special rights. Excuse me, but have we missed the boat here? Is murder or a heinous beating lessened just because they belong to the broad queer community? Think about it.

1 comment:

  1. Just a few questions about the bill.

    If a pastor stands up in the pulpit and says homosexuality is a sin ... will it will be considered hate speech under this law? (Yes/No)

    And if this law passes, will the federal government will go after people who say those kinds of things? (Yes/No)

    What happens to free speech under this law?

    Just wondering.