27 May 2007

Forgetting and Remembering

My history haunts me
Like a bad dream repeating
I’m tired of all of the reminders
Of things I’d just as soon forget

It doesn’t take much
To spark a rather forgotten memory
How long must I be reminded
Of what I’d just as soon forget

Just when I think I’ve made progress
I get hit with a spark of the past
The pain, the injustice, the sadness
Of what I’d just as soon forget

There are days that are better than most
And thankfully there are more than not
But soon the recollection sneaks in
Of what I just as soon forget

Then there are times when it’s all I feel
The isolation, the desertion, the failure
The pain is fresh like it happened yesterday
Of what I’d just as soon forget

I have to trust that time heals all wounds
And, as time goes by, I’ve created a new life
One of hopes and promises and a future
Of what I’d just as soon remember

1 comment:

  1. Alix, In a few weeks, I'll be speaking on a topic from Ephesians in our "You Are God's Masterpiece" series that I think will address the emotion and struggle in this post.

    Maybe the week after Fathers Day?

    Thanks so much for the encouraging text message on my first day on the job. It was very kind and thoughtful of you....and encouraging to me.

    It's going well so far.

    Blessings, Phil