20 February 2010

Week in Review 20 February 2010

I apologise for the delay in posting my weekly reviews. I have been so busy at work that time has just flown by. So let me catch you up since my last entry of Week Ending 30 January 2010 (see post below).

Work: My job is slowly piecing itself together. My confidence has risen a little bit and I finally got ahead of my emails. For the past three weeks, I have ended the day with as many as 90-100 unread emails. By Wednesday of this week, I finally tackled them all and now I may only have 6-12 emails I have not gotten to. What an improvement.

I feel as though I am actually accomplishing tasks at work and being able to scratch off items on my to do list. I still have about 20 requests I have not handled—some more complex than others.

My circadian rhythm has settled now. I am going to bed around 1930-2000 each evening because I am awakening on my own around 0345. My job requirements changed while I was out on medical leave. Before, if I was in the middle of something crucial and it went past my eight-hour workday, being salaried but non-exempt, I would be paid overtime. I ended up working 10-hour days frequently, which very easily made me feel burned out. When I came back to work 04 January I was told no more OT would be approved which really lightened my burden. Oh, sure, that always left me with not enough time to get my daily job done, but I was freed from the expectation that I would work the OT if I had to. So, I clock in at 0700 and clock out promptly at 1530. Because I am getting up so early, it gives me a chance to drink my hot tea, eat breakfast and stay on my strict medicine schedule.

Now, here is the bad news. Now they have decided to make us salaried exempt meaning if I have to, I am expected to work additional hours without being paid for it. In my book, I think that is a punch in the gut. That is management trying to cut the bottom line while still expecting superior work effort. Not sure when it goes into effect, but this had the potential to increase my anxiety levels.

My Psychiatrist: I had my appointment back on 03 February. He seems pleased with my progression, but concerned that I am still battling the depression. Overall, since the mood swings have stabilised I can see some improvement. He did not make any changes to the cocktail and now I have graduated to only having to see him once a month for the time being. I am looking forward to reaching the point when I only have to see him once every three months.

We talked about my residual symptoms of incurring Wernicke’s Encephalopathy which is still lingering. I am still having problems with my eyes as I am still experiencing saccadic movement  which slows me down at work. It is very frustrating. Also, I still experience short-term memory loss which is equally as frustrating. I have to take copious notes during integrated phone/data conferences so I do not forget anything. I cannot tell you the number of tablets I go through just collecting facts and action items on my part. My psychiatrist believes that my brain will heal slowly over time.

Individual Therapist: My last appointment with P was 03 February 2010. It was a non-event because I told her I was going to have to switch to a different therapist. P’s last appointment of the day is 1300, right smack in the middle of my workday. I need someone who can meet with me at 1600 or later. She highly recommended one of her peers equally qualified, but when I tried to make an appointment with S for two weeks, she was booked. I now have to wait until 09 March—one month out. I will try her on for size in hopes that we can make a connection. It is going to be a bummer having to start from scratch even though she has P’s notes in my record. I just hope she takes the time to read it before our first appointment.

My Car: Well, I am now the owner of a 2010 Honda Fit Sport. I have had it since 06 January and have only put 78 miles on it! I just do not have any long rides to takes around the city. Almost everything I do is right in my own neighbourhood. There is a small part of me that is excited by the fact that I have a new car. However, what is first and foremost in my mind daily is wondering if I can really afford this car. I did well in negotiating it down from the MSRP, but a car payment is still a car payment. It still has that new car smell. Also, I have made the decision that I will not smoke in this car. Hasn’t been too difficult. I just make sure I do not bring my cigarettes with me.

I will try to be better at really trying to nail down a weekly review on time. It’s hard to remember the small, but important details two and three weeks out.©2009


  1. it makes a change when you have BPD not to have any appointments with doctors and phrepists i can tell you i have loads of them coming up