13 January 2011

One Long Year Later

For the past year I have wrestled with demons, good times, manic phases…you name it. I have been trying to fly below the radar…keeps things that much easier. I want so much to be anonymous, but in today’s climate, that is virtually impossible. I hate the fact that my fingerprints are in the system (not that I plan on going out and committing a crime, mind you).

This past year was a hard one at my job (let me say this right now…I am blessed with employment!). I was still on a learning curve. But what soon became evident were the issues plaguing me during recovery. I still have short-term memory loss and we don’t know if it will be permanent. Things got so bad that I was put in a sort of probationary 3-month re-evaluation subject to my work performance. I’ve lost four accounts because of the mistakes I have made. However, that period soon passed once they understood it to be the cause of a medical condition.

Ironically, I have had a great month at work so far for January. I’ve shifted my focus. I now get up at the crack of dawn (0400, to log on to the employer’s VPN at 0700). That leaves me with 3 hours before I have to be at work. Now, every morning, I am drinking my hot tea while doing my devotions and Bible reading and praying. I am also starting to record Joyce Meyer so I can pause it here and there while I take notes. I figure that’s about the best way I can start the day.

My beloved little church finally succumbed to lack of attendance, so the Pastor chose to close the church. I have tried a few and I have come across one that I am going to attend a few more times before I commit to anything. This is a much larger church and is not affiliated with a denomination which I like. Their praise & worship is a little different from what I’ve become used to, but that can change in time. What’s nice is that my pastor from the previous church and his wife, one other couple and a single dad have decided that they really like this church as well.

There is so much I want to say and I don’t even know where to start. My mom celebrated her 90th birthday last September and she is feisty as ever. She mall walks everyday, plays bridge twice a week and attends several social butterfly lunches. You’d never know it to see her. I have this picture of my Mom and I with our heads together and we have the same colour hair considering I am 36 years younger than she is. I sure hope I come from her gene pool!

Unfortunately, my niece and all of the “precious” great-grand children came with her. She knows she smells like a rose and can do no harm. That pure bull. While she can smile and laugh with the best of them, she is quite devious underneath. Just remember that she is the one who refuses to invite me to the family holiday festivities. I am the only one not invited. Well, after everyone had eaten their dinner and was just sitting around the table in the restaurant, I pulled K outside to finally end it all and call a truce even though I still don’t know how I ever pissed her off that much (hell, maybe she’s homophobic, I don’t know). I pointedly asked her why had I been excluded all these years and she said, “but I only invite my family.” Heck, I am her Godmother and her Aunt. What part of “her family” does that not fit? So what am I, chopped liver…LOL?

My Mom once told me to rise above the circumstances. So, regardless of what K said, I still decided to send her a 5x7 close-up of Mom already framed and a framed wallet-sized photo of Mom and Santa. I also happened to send it to my nephew (her brother) and my brother (yeah, I know, surprise, surprise). Today is 13 January and I have gotten a thank you from everyone except K. Well, now I can wash my hands of her. The next time I will see her will most likely be at my Mom’s funeral. My intention after my mother dies is to make no overtures towards anyone left in the family. If someone calls me, then that’s a different story. But I am an adult and I don’t have time for such foolishness. The only person I can see having a loose relationship with is my older sister P. We have been on good terms, but she is so much like Dad was. Always offering advice when none is asked, and always reminding me of how I could have done something better. Come to think of it, my brother L has the same rock to stumble over.

And so it begins—a new year filled with possibilities. Last October and the ensuing months were the absolute low point in my life. I don’t wish to be faced with the same set of circumstances that led me to attempt suicide.

I quit seeing the therapist I was first assigned to because her available hours conflicted with my work schedule. So she graciously referred me to another therapist she had good words to say regarding her, but I went to two sessions with her and she was a tad bit over the top. Look, I don’t care what time of day it is, I cannot deal with chirpiness. She was just wa-a-ay to happy a camper. So, I called the office, indicating that the second therapist was not a good fit and could I return to seeing the first therapist. The woman who answered the phone said they would have to check my medical records and have the request referred to the nurse and someone would get back to me. Well, it’s been a month and I haven’t heard anything. Yeah, I know, I should probably call and follow-up; I just haven’t had the energy to accomplish much of anything.

I am still seeing my psychiatrist and now my visits are once every three months—more of a med and status check than anything. Nevertheless, he is quite concerned about my lack of attention, focus and my short-term memory issues that have had a measureable impact on my job. He wants me to go in for neurophysiologic testing to see if we can pinpoint either the cause of the problems or if it’s temporary or not (it’s been over a year now…sounds kinda permanent to me). My psychiatrist is worried that I may have caused some injury to my brain when I attempted suicide (God only knows what flowed through my veins that night). Then, after the results are in (I have no idea what tests they would be performing), I may have to do neurocognitive rehab. I have no idea what that is all about either.

Well, I’ve now had my car for one year and I am still happy with it. But get this, I only have 3900 miles on it. I just don’t have long distances to drive around the city. Almost everything I do except for grocery shopping is within walking distance. That’s my effort of getting off my lazy ass and generating some energy burn. I found out yesterday from my Mom that the Honda Fit made Consumers Reports their best value, and Car and Driver put the Fit in their top ten for five years in a row.

OK, shift in focus. Sunday night it began to snow heavily here (I live in the southeast US). We usually don’t get snow, but ice storms instead. At night, it was so serene and picturesque. It was like looking at a huge Ansell Adams mural. When all was said and done, we ended up with 10 inches of snow. I had so much fun. However, I did learn one lesson…don’t attempt to make a snow angel in 10 inches of snow. When you fall back, it’s a longer way down than it looks, and then, once you’ve landed, all the snow falls in and buries you (my most graceful move yet). 4 days later, only the streets are finally cleared, but all of our yards are still covered with the leftover snow. The fact that the temp hasn’t risen above freezing all this time is making it harder for the snow to dissipate. But it sure was peaceful and beautiful. That, most probably, will be our big storm of the season.

I can tell I am losing some of the ground I gained when I was in that outpatient therapy program for 3 hours a day Mon, Wed, and Fri that lasted for three months. I feel the BPD becoming an issue again. I am isolating again and at the same time having a pity party that I don’t have more friends, then I take solace in my aloneness (I prefer that to loneliness). When I really think about it, I love living alone so much that I don’t even entertain the idea of dating much less having a girlfriend move in. I love my privacy. I love not answering my door (unless I know already that someone is on their way…I make them call me when they get in my driveway). I had fun with the Census Bureau. I did not fill out the form and mail it in. I feel it’s an invasion of privacy despite all their protestations that ALL information will be kept confidential. HA! They started coming by the house, first one, then another for a total of five visits. I ignored them completely. They even went to my neighbours twice (they had already been coached to answer in such a way that it did not reveal gender and number of people living in my house). I just don’t want someone knowing my business. While I applaud the medical community and their HIPAA regulations, we could sure use some of that stringent guideline in the private sector. Face it. Too many people know too much information on everyone. All it takes is this wonderful Ethernet world.

I promise, I promise to get back into my blogging on a regular basis. I guess too many of you are sick of listening to Santana. I left it as my playlist for this past year. Today, when I post this entry, I will change the music (I promise). It sure is nice to be back again.©2011

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