16 April 2007

Stolen Moments

There is this still quiet silence
That falls like dew upon the grass
My manna from heaven
My mind is free of the racing thoughts
That once choked the being of my sanity

There is balance in my life
This state I do not dare to upset
While I miss my manic highs providing my creativity
I do not miss those crashing blows that always follow

I feared the worse when the mania subsided
I panicked at the potential loss of my imagination
Yet I find in this still quiet silence the words
Words to express my conscious state of being

I think I like what balance feels like
I can inhale without constriction
I can be at that place where I am one with the moment
I can be mindful of all that is around
And choose not to select the darker path

For the first time in ages I feel at home in my mind
I can look in the mirror and see the hope and possibilities
I’m not quite sure yet how to grab the brass ring
But the fact that it is there for the taking
Finally lets me exhale with peace.©2007

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