16 April 2007

The Art of Prayer

This past Sunday my Pastor at Faith Worship Center preached a powerful message on the art of prayer, and it was only the first of a two-part series. I learned that there were three parts to prayer: (a) me talking with God, (b) God speaking to me, and (c) that still quiet moment of lingering in God’s presence.

For the first time in quite a while, I can experience that still, quiet moment without all of those racing thoughts thundering in my head. I can sense the Spirit of God around me as I call upon Him to be in His presence. It’s as if I am cloaked with this invisible, yet tangible layer of protection. And to know I can be in this state at all times is a pretty powerful thought. But I have to choose to be in God’s presence willingly. He will always meet us just where we are just when we need him.

But, why only desire to call upon his presence at the time of great need? Do you realize that God wants to walk with you in the cool of the morning all day long? Think of what a powerful testimony you have to others as you enjoy his presence. Sometimes, being the voice of peace and calm amidst the clamor of the moment is all it takes.

Clearly, in comparison to many of my earlier posts, I have reached a steady-state balance, which has now lasted for almost two weeks. This is due in part to another drug introduced to my cocktail with the explicit aim of weaning me down to one maintenance drug. How refreshing for me to imagine only taking one bipolar med each day. This will be a six-month process at which point we will re-evaluate my condition.

However, this gives me pause for thought analogous to the chicken or the egg dilemma: is my relationship with God finally maturing because my bipolar is coming under control, or is my balanced state the result of allowing God to work in my life? Because I believe that all things are possible with God, I am choosing to hold on to the latter.©2007

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