28 October 2009

Outpatient Therapy, Day 3 and My Date with the Police

I was very uncomfortable walking into the group room today. While the entire group is split in two, everyone has to come into my room to pick up and fill out their daily check in sheets. Then they go to another room. The room is fairly large; there are 6 conference-sized tables arranged in a large square. There is a seat for everyone, but it still too many people for me. At least half of them leave after 10 minutes or so.

Today’s “sharing” session (which generally lasts for two hours) was the usual boring routine until it got to me. I have decided to be honest about everything: the isolation that is now bordering on the extreme to include not even wanting to sit near someone, the rage/anger, suicide ideation (as long as I can assure them that I am not going to act on it), etc. I told them about my egging the police cars Sunday afternoon as an example of how my rage is getting out of control since I am now acting out my impulses. I admitted the desire I have to want to beat the crap out of any cop, and that I have been looking for ways to provoke an incident. I also told them that the two cops who responded first to my 911 call back on 10 October would be coming over to my house this afternoon to answer some of my still yet unanswered questions. Boy did that get their panties in a wad. They asked me if I thought I could control myself while they were at my house. I told them I was seeking answers, and as far as this meeting was concerned, I needed their help so I could fill in the gaps. I’m smart enough to know not to bite that hand that feeds me. Then I was asked how I would respond if they told me something that made me angry, or if they patronized me in any way. I didn’t have an answer for that one. They’d better not patronize me. That’s about all it would take to send me over the edge. Who the hell do they think they are, anyway, strutting around flashing their badges and guns like they own everything? (but, of course, I didn’t say that!). They didn’t think it was a good idea, and suggested instead that I meet them at the police department. Oh, yeah, like I’m gonna want to go THERE (aside from the fact that there are too many people around). I just told them I would think about it, but most probably I was going to stick to my guns and have them over. Right now as I wait (should be here in about 45 minutes barring getting a call beforehand), I don’t feel that my anger is out of control. My driving force is to get these much-needed answers. I can behave, or at least play the game, to get what I want. We’ll see.

The second part of the outpatient program today was the presentation by the therapist. She usually touches on various stressors, reactions to stressors, and discusses possible coping skills (today was about anxiety vs panic and their associated decriptions/indications of the related attacks). However, as soon as we came in from our break, she announced that the whole group would be together for this. I immediately got up from my seat at the table and found a chair that was against the wall far away from the table. Everyone piled in and thankfully filled all of the seats so it didn’t look too abnormal to take a seat on the wall (however, I moved there before most of the other group had come into the room). I had a hard time during that session. Just too many people. And, God, can some people whine!

(later) Well, the officer just left. He was as nice as could be and sat down at the table I have on the porch. He said the police always respond to “suicide person” calls as SOP. He and the ambulance parked across the street (where the church parking lot is) so as not to alert me, reasoning being that the alleged “suicide person” may try suicide by cop (it’s a shame they know THAT trick). He went on to say, especially after interacting with me today, that I was highly intoxicated and could not walk without assistance. He walked me into my house to secure my wallet, keys and sandals, but said that he did not search the house. He can’t remember if all my house lights were on or not.

But, here is the kicker: my pastor arrived (he was waiting for the police. He also parked across the street) to show them the text message I sent him. That really pisses me off. OK, I get that he felt some professional obligation to call 911 based on the text message I sent. But to meet the police at my house??? That crosses the line in my book. That pisses me off to no end. Why couldn’t he just leave well enough alone? What was he out to prove?

The cop was completely courteous and respectful. He even said that he wouldn’t even have recognized me by my actions given the state I was in then vs how I was when he talked to me today. It said it was quite an amazing difference.

OK, I guess I have been able to fill in my blanks (except why the hell my pastor showed up…but I haven’t talked to him or anyone at the church since that night, nor do I plan to. Needless to say, I won’t be returning to church—that one or any other for that matter). Now I am just waiting on my medical records from my ER debacle and the copy of the .wav file with the original 911 recording. While I may now have my answers to what the fuck happened (no, I take that back. I can’t account for the hours between 2000-0300 or remember ever feeling suicidal), the whole nightmare has been very upsetting to say the least.©2009

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