26 October 2009

Post-hospital Visit with Shrink #1, 22 October, 0700

I’m glad he makes these early morning appointments. I get the first one for the day and I don’t have to wait. And, there is no one else in the waiting room—perfect.

It was actually good to see him again. It had been about a year (I quit making my three-month med check appts last year even though I was still taking my meds then). I have always enjoyed a good rapport with him. Compared to the comments I heard from the other patients whose psychiatrists only spend about 10 minutes with them doing their med checks, mine has always actually talked with me and asked me a lot of detailed questions even when everything was going well.

As soon as he came into the waiting room to get me, he was clearly glad to see me and asked when I had been discharged. I immediately spilled my guts from telling him how I initially got laid off back in April which sparked the financial reason why I went off my meds in the first place right through everything that had been happening that led up to the eventual involuntary commitment. He decided to add Geodon (80mg daily for now) to aid my severe depressed state and help with the insomnia.

I also talked about my memory loss. He said that it was highly probably that I was in a dissociative state, but without knowing the results from the tox screen and blood alcohol level, that could very well have contributed to my memory loss. He also wanted to get some more blood work done and said he would wait to get a copy of the labs tests from the ER and the hospital before coming up with the list of tests so as to not repeat anything unnecessarily. He also knew my regular doc was going to be doing a fasting blood panel on me in two weeks, so once he knew what additional tests he wanted run he would call over there and just have them add those tests so I would only have to be stuck once. At the very minimum, he wants to check my thyroid, my FSH (follicle stimulating hormone—an indicator of potential menopause onset), B12, Iron and Potassium. When he mentioned FSH, I thought, yeah, I’m 52. It’s very likely that menopause will be hitting me at some point. Great, I already deal with bipolar mood swings. Let’s just add hormonal mood swings to the mix. I can hardly wait.©2009

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