02 March 2007

Between the Ears

Tornados twisting thoughts in my head
Hurricanes hurling heaving judgments across my brain
Switching synapses snipping ideas all over the place

Why is there no peace to be found when I am all alone
Why does my brain have to interfere with this option of silence
Why can’t my head just be a resting place of peace

I want this madness to stop—a cease-fire if you will
No more racing bullets shooting through my skull
Only more idiotic notions to plug up the holes

I close my eyes for the briefest of time
Where darkness should be only jarring colors appear
A veritable kaleidoscope of patterns eating at my lids

I keep them closed now to watch the blueprints on my brain
Oh, if it only held the smallest of prototypes of peace
Then maybe I could experience that coveted freedom of rest

No, the cacophony created in this space between my ears
Can only be heard from deep within my mind
A mind that no longer has control over the simplest of tasks

Rage flies in every direction
Unable to contain the explosive emotions let loose by this noise
And then I collapse unable to move, yet stillness does not pierce the heart


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