04 March 2007

The Swan Song

What is the point of setting the alarm
That presumes the intention of arising once again
When all you want is to lie down and close your eyes
And understand that this will be all that is left

There is no more desire to continue onward
The drive for the daily routine has lost its urge
The desire to just let it all wash away
Exceeds that of anything else expected

The plans are in place, there is a sizzle in the air
No more excuses to lie about what another day will bring
The phones are turned off, the electricity is silenced
The water is squelched, but the gas burns at top speed

The eyelids grow weary and the lights begin to dim
The burden is eased knowing the end result is near
The thoughts have escaped their traps of the living
The mind is set free to explore the unknown

The time has come to cast it all away
To simply lie back and wait for the sleep to set in
For the first time the thoughts are silenced in awe
And finally am freed to become one with the wind.


  1. Alix, when I first read this, it might as well have been a suicide note. your only savings grace in my eyes was the fact that I saw later entries. What a sad piece, yet so on the mark having been in that place many times. I understand so well the want to just lay down and never get back up again

  2. so is this what you want written on your tombstone? your emotional pain really comes through in this piece. i can feel emotion and understand what a relief it must be to finally reach this decision but you know its not an answer.