02 March 2007

The Peace of Employment

My workday has become my respite in this world
It demands ten hours of forced labor
To occupy my mind on something quite specific
With projects to head and deadlines to meet

I excel at spreadsheets galore (emails & voicemails are mere June bugs on the windshield)
The intricacies of parsing through a database thrill me
The meetings, while many unnecessary, fill a spot
Forcing me to think on a specific subject (but oh how I loathe PowerPoint)

Phone conferences eat away at my time
While many I attend, I am a mere fly on the wall
They always require extra vigilance
Just on the chance that my project becomes fodder for discussion

Video conferences, on the other hand, require an extra flair
More attention to detail regarding my physical appearance
And I always have to look eager to participate
In fact, more often than not, it is me that prompts this communication

We are a global company that requires my attention by 0500
To accommodate Europe’s time zone to be fair to all involved
I leave it to others to occupy the later hours
To baby-sit the Southern Asian and Pacific Rim portion of the day

Yes, I revel at the magnitude of my responsibilities
They take me to places that put my mind on useful tasks
No time to battle the racing thoughts of insanity
As crazy as my workday may be, it provides my only brief reprieve of inner peace


1 comment:

  1. Hmmmm, sooooo, you dislike PowerPoint huh? Well....that puts me in quite a quandry!!

    I know my PowerPoint is a little "iffy" sometimes. LOL

    Please feel free to offer assistance, help, first aid, cpr, or any other form of life support for my PowerPoint presentations...after all, I do MAKE you suffer through them!!!! hehe.

    I actually would appreciate it.

    (still chuckling)