04 March 2007

The Need for Clarity

Doubt is the seed of discontent
It robs you of the capacity to believe
It deprives you of the ability to judge
It denies you the competence to consider

There is a long road from the head to the heart
What you may believe to be true in your mind
You will doubt as ever possible in your heart
For some, that trip is long at best, endless for others

If doubt is the seed of discontent
Then wisdom plants the fruit of the unexpected
It’s not stupidity that is the opposite of wisdom
But uncertainty in knowing to do what is right and just

Wisdom gives us the power to be decisive and sure
It sanctions us to make the correct conclusions
Doubt only allows us to twist in the wind
Never knowing in which direction to take the next step

Clarity depends upon that wisdom upfront
There is no room for doubt to determine the good
It requires a sharp and precise course of action
With results deemed to be superior and true

The unclear mind plays tricks on what you believe to be fair
To act upon misjudgment only impedes the deliverance of power
Power to stand up for what is accurate and exact
Authority to rule and control the results of your actions

The mixed-up heart can be a dangerous playground on which to stand
It is ruled by the power of emotion, fueled by the passion of reaction
That journey that ultimately takes you from the precise mind to the heart
Can provide for the release of doubt and the beginning of wisdom


1 comment:

  1. I can tell from some of your other entries that you are bipolar as well as me. This piece was especially meaningful to me because it gets to the heart of sometimes not knowing what is real. Very well written.