26 November 2009

Appt With My GP #2

Well, the results of the rest of the blood work has come in and what my psychiatrist and GP thought has been proven true. My Thiamine (B1) level was so low it was undetected—clearly the cause for my ataxia, which has grown worse since first diagnosed—my balance has worsened. My GP is looking for an injectable form where I can give myself the IM shots as I do with my B12. None of the local pharmacies carries it, but I did find out that my medical insurance prescription service could supply me with a 90-day supply that is not outrageous in price. I called my GP’s nurse back, gave her all the information with which to call in the prescription, and asked her to call me back with a confirmation that the order had been called in. I left the message around 1400, but I have yet to hear back from her. I don’t know how often I will need to give myself the B1 shots (I do the B12 once a month), so I will need those instructions as well.©2009

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