24 November 2009

Outpatient Therapy, Day 15

I have skipped posting on these group sessions on a regular basis because there was nothing unique about them, or anything of substance. However, I had some good news to “share” with the group this time that allowed me to rate some good scribbles on my chart for a change. I was able to successfully demonstrate skills that deals with my isolation issues since my past weekend had me actually enjoying time spent with friends outside of my house. The key factor for me isn’t just being able to connect with people, it also has to do with getting me out of the house and exposing myself to conditions that actually force me to isolate (being in situations where there are lots of people). However, it was no small feat for me to have initiated those phone calls that resulted in those plans.

While there are still four more problem areas as outline in my treatment plan, I obviously have much more work to accomplish. My therapist still feels I am not ready to go back to work this coming Tuesday and will be putting in an extension for my FMLA for an additional two weeks. I am frustrated with this because, while my job is incredible stressful, I love what I do. She just firmly believes I am in no shape at this point to handle that level of stress.

The second half of the group was spent on anger management issues, something that directly applies to me. While I have been able to deploy some of the tools to combat my isolation issues, I have so many additional skills that I have been taught that I still cannot use. Therein lies my problem. Anger is a big one for me. When I become rage filled, that last thing to enter my mind is any of the tools.

I wonder how many more of these sessions I will have to attend. What once started out as a two-week requirement for discharge has now stretched into five weeks (the additional three were not under any requirements, but voluntary on my part).©2009

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