19 December 2009

Appt With My GP #4 (Wednesday 16 December PM)

The clinical trial continues. As soon as I left group I wish I had thought to call ahead of time to see if the office was still open. The weather report was calling for 70% chance of frozen precipitation mostly in the form of ice. When I left group, one of the parents told me that the county had already decided to close the schools at 1230.

As I was driving over to the office it was pouring, but there was no sleet mixed in with the water. Good sign. In most cases, when they predict snow or sleet, it hardly ever happens. I was a little concerned when I pulled into the parking lot as there only a couple of cars. Then I remembered that it was lunchtime. When I signed in, I did find out that the clinical specialist was waiting for me.

As she was prepping all of the materials for the IV, I asked her if she would mind if we just let the guy from the lab stick me instead since he got it on his first attempt on Monday (after she had already tried three times!). Therefore, we waited for him and, sure enough, he got a vein on his first attempt. However, as the specialist was adding the gizmos to the butterfly tubing she moved the needle and the IV infiltrated. I was not a happy camper, but we called the lab again and he was successful this time as well.

I like the fact that the iron can be pushed in only ten minutes. Sure beats the six hours I had to endure three years ago. Once the iron had been administered, I had to wait the customary 30 minutes to see if I was going to have a reaction. On Monday I didn’t have one in the office, but I did have that strange experience an hour after I got home. To be on the safe side I went ahead and took the Provigil just in case I started getting sleepy while I was driving home.

Well, it turned out that I did not have that strange reaction this time. Perhaps that reaction Monday afternoon was just a coincidence. However, I do not like the fact that I was overcome with fatigue and feeling so cold all at once. That has never happened to me before, and maybe it won’t again.©2009

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