08 December 2009

Doctors, Dentists, Insomnia, Oh My!

Well, it’s 0220. I’ve been up since 0030. So much for getting quality sleep tonight (or should I say this morning). One thing that has changed for me is this daily need I have now to take a mid-day three-hour nap which does me wonders. I’ll be sitting on my couch listening to music and just start nodding off, so I figure I might as well crawl into bed. The naps have had no measurable affect on my nighttime sleeping; I’m still getting the two-three hours. However, waking up at 0030 for the day makes for a long day!

I went to see the dentist yesterday for my six-month check up and they found a cavity at MY age. They told me most probably it is as a result of the long-term dry mouth I’ve been dealing with since going on the high blood pressure medicines. I loathe dental pain. After the check-up, the receptionist told me that they had a cancelation for 0830 this morning, so I took it. I can hardly wait. The shots of novocaine are giving me the chills as we speak, not to mention the sound of the drill.

Then at 1400 I get to meet with a clinical trial specialist at my GP’s office to see if I qualify for a study that may make me eligible to receive my iron IV infusions for free (otherwise, I cannot afford it). So many factors must come into play when determining who is eligible. I look at the fact that I am a smoker in addition to all the meds I am currently take. Any little detail could put me out of the running. I sure hope the novocaine has worn off before this meeting. The last thing I need to do is drool in front of this person!

What really amazes me about my sleep patterns is that when I awoke tonight after only three hours of sleep, I felt totally rested and ready to start the day. Maybe I should become a day trader in the Asian market.©2009


  1. haha, Let me know how it turns out! NO DROOLING;0)

  2. @Blissseeker...the appt w/the dentist went smoothly despite my irrational fears of the pain AND the novocaine did wear off before I met with the clinical specialist. I DID qualify to get in the study, so I will be getting my IV iron infusions now for free..yea!!!

  3. I'm SO pleased you qualified for the study Alix! Great news. I hope the infusions help hun x

  4. @SI...I go today for my first infusion. Let's hope they can find a vein with which to start the IV :-)