19 December 2009

Appt With My GP #5 (Friday 18 December PM)

I have been dreading this appointment all day. My hand is still sore from the IV on Wednesday and they cannot seem to pop either of my brachial veins or the antecubital ones in my arms—fairly decently sized veins. Luckily, for me, the guy from the lab was working today and he has always been successful in starting my IVs when the clinical specialist could not.

Before each infusion, the clinical specialist always draws blood once the IV has been started to measure my haemoglobin. My GP told her that if it was 12.5 or better to wait until this coming Monday to give my arms and hands a rest. Well, the level was 12.3, but they both let it slide until Monday anyway. As usual, I made the appointment to take place directly after group. I still dread going, but I can’t beat the price!©2009

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