06 December 2009

Outpatient Therapy, Day 19 & My Early Christmas Present

Since I am not allowed to drive myself to group (at some point that will have to come to end and I cannot rely on the good wishes of friends who want to help; I just feel I am being intrusive.) I have to get over my fear of driving and side swiping an 18-wheeler did not add enough to my plate already! Therefore, on Friday I sat and waited for my “limousine.” K called saying she was on her way, so that should take about 20 minutes. Man, I hate winter. You bundle up like crazy for the early morning only to have to strip down by mid-afternoon when the temp gets up to 67˚F/19.45˚C. On those days when the sky is full of sun, I just sit in my comfy camp chair and put on my iPod and bask in the sun. I actually got a sunburn on my face last weekend!

I have made a template in Word to emulate the daily check-in sheet we must spend 15 minutes filling out. This way, the morning before I leave, I can just plug in the answers and be done with it. It buys me time to smoke a cigarette. I have even colour-coded my answers to indicate where my responses are.

I counted the number of pills I take every morning. There are 11: three for blood pressure, plus one for Selenium (those results finally came it and it was abnormally low) and one for the Thiamine. Moreover, I am back to giving myself my B12 injections once a month. That leaves me six daily for my bipolar disorder, not that they are working yet. That does not even count the five I take at night.

(later) There were a lot of fresh faces Friday morning, but I did well; I continued to sit at the table despite the full room. Then, after everyone finished filling out their daily check in sheet, we split back into our two smaller groups. However, out small little group was getting bigger. We did out “sharing” part and I was pleased that the therapist said I was showing marked improvement in certain areas. In the second session, where I usually resign myself to the corner away from the table, I decided to sit at the table and interact with my peers, clearly an improvement for me. We are still working on anger management issues which has been a good one for to listen to.

Well, high noon came and K was out there waiting for me. When we got home, she said she had some food she wanted to put in the fridge. Then, she put her hands on her hips and said, “Why don’t I help you clean up?” My dear friend spent three hours scouring my kitchen and cleaning my living room. In the pit of my depression, I just stopped caring for how the house looked and let it go to seed. I couldn’t believe the amount of work she did while she basically told me to go and sit down. What a caring gift that was to me. It was so nice to walk into a clean kitchen and sit in a clean living room.©2009 

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