19 December 2009

Appt With Psychiatrist #10 (Thursday 17 December AM)

Today is going to be the last weekly session I will be attending. From this point forward, I will be seeing my psychiatrist every two weeks for a while, then once a month. I will miss the weekly visits, but he and I both agreed that I have made tremendous strides since I tried to commit suicide. It will also be much easier on my billfold as my insurance does not cover any of his fees (he is out-of-network and that deductible is $5500—it will be quite a stretch to incur that much of a balance any time soon).

He has decided to increase my Lexapro to 40mg/day. We have both been pleased with how effective it has been even though I am currently experiencing a setback in my depression (which is the reason increasing the dosage). It has been the only anti-depressant I have ever taken that has had such a marked difference in my depression without tripping a manic phase.

I learned something new today. I just happened to mention the strange reaction I experienced on Monday after my first iron infusion. He said it sounded like I experienced Cataplexy that would explain the sudden onset of fatigue along with the loss of muscle tone. It is frequently associated with narcolepsy and Provigil just happens to be one of the drugs that combat narcolepsy, which might explain why I did not have that reaction yesterday.

Overall, I am glad that I have made such progress thus far. I have received excellent therapy support from both my group and my psychiatrist. I think I am going to have therapy withdrawal once I go back to work. I have arranged to start seeing an individual therapist once I finish with group. I have already seen her two times and I think we have the chance to build a good rapport.

What was nice about today is that my appointment was at 0700 and I have nothing else scheduled for today. It will be nice to have some down time.©2009

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