27 February 2007

The Contraints of Time

Butterflies light on the sheerest of petals
Dancing in the wind, being carried aloft
Drawn by the kaleidoscope of colors
That only the magic of flowers can bring


Reflect the briefest of time spans
Our nature has to offer
Their beauty astounds
Their cleverness amaze

The Monarch stands regal in its presence
Yet it is the one that can emulate its surroundings
I admire most—the chameleon of the lot
They flit and they float

Capturing the imagination of a child
Scurrying to chase one down
And squeals with delight at its captive
Only to realize as with all life
Ours is but a blip in the grand scheme of time


1 comment:

  1. Really nice. I was there chasing that butterfly, thinking of when I was a kid, and then later of when my son used to run and chase them...and I smiled....it was a great memory, but sobering too, knowing that my life is almost as insecure and transient as the butterflys life, yet significant to God.

    Thanks for that moment.