26 February 2007

A Joyful Noise

Musical harmony lifts me up
Filling my soul with overabundance
Higher and higher my praise floats above
My faith growing stronger and sturdy
The aim is not to simply sing a song
But to create a presence of sacrifice
A sacrifice of honor in exultation
As our joyous singing fills the air
And rides upon angels wings to its intended Heir
While the source is the sweet fruit of blessings
Its intended objective is the sweet aroma of glory
Glory that no human can ever truly achieve
Yet attempts are made to reflect our very best
Of what we have to offer at this point in time

As the praise segues into worship,
We humbly offer up all that we have to give
Which is all that is required
The air grows thick with anticipation
Prophesy abounds in mindful exhortation
We bow down in reverence to the existence of splendor
The curtain of presence that is drawn across our feet
This Glory that fills the space we occupy
In response to the sacrifice that is lifted even higher
The sweetest awareness of the Spirit occupies our souls
And captures our hearts
So that we may enter into His magnificent presence
And prepare our humble hearts to receive all that He has to give
This is so much more than we can ever expect to obtain

1 comment:

  1. Cool streams, deep, lush grass. The restoring presence of Gods spirit.