26 February 2007

The Voice of Reason


The world around me is collapsing
Small glimpses of what is to come
The fear of the unknown
The overwhelming fear is surmounting

We aren’t given a spirit of fear
But of a sound mind
On the contrary, my mind is a maze
Never starting
Never ending
Cannot breathe
There is no escape

Stop. Think.
What are my choices
To continue to listen to the chaos in my head
That shuts out all rational thought

I can’t go on this way
I am at the end of my rope
Step by step I praise You,
And I will follow You all of the days of my life

My thoughts are disjointed
My mind has become split into two
Half wanting desperately to believe
Half desiring to succumb to the pressures before me

Where do I turn
My heart knows better—to follow my Spirit
My head however rules and refuses to listen to reason
My sanity is still a blur
But I am hanging on the sheer thread
That at the end of the day truth wins out
And that Hope and Faith will prevail


1 comment:

  1. Wow, what a universal expression of the panic, distress, and anguished search for relief that we feel when under incredible pressure. I've had those moments of fear fueled panic, desperate searching, and the tetter-totter struggle with ideas that my mind presents, but my heart rejects.

    At the end of the day truth does win, and hope and faith do prevail.