28 February 2007

Pressing Onward

There are times when I don’t know
From where my next breath will come.
I set my eyes upon the tribulations of my world
When I know they should be squarely on the Lord.
Please forgive me Father for faltering when I do;
I know that that you are all I need in this world.

It’s true we are not given a spirit of fear,
Yet I tremble at the lessons
I may have to learn along the way.
My life up until now has been very easy
But this is when I did not have to depend upon my Lord.

When things are going smoothly, it’s easy to lose sight.
God is ever present no matter what our condition.
Funny how we never call upon Him until there’s no one else,
How lonely He must get if all we do
Is run to Him when we have our problems.

He only wants the best for His children
And all of us are called by our name.
The key is to remember that he is steadfast and solid.
It’s not Him who has grown distant and far away, but us
When we don’t acknowledge Him in both the good times and in the bad.

It’s easy to praise Him when the light shines so bright,
When troubles seem distant and far removed.
So where is that praise when the darkness comes swooping in?
God is still there just waiting for us to call upon Him
And offer Him praise and thanksgiving for all that we have.

It’s easy to cry out for help when the times grow so weary,
Maybe that’s when God has our complete attention.
But isn’t it a bit selfish to come to expect rescue
Only when we need Him—what about when He needs us?
We need to praise Him through the storms, as he richly deserves.

He covets a relationship with each and every one of us.
He is deserving of our praise whether we feel like it or not.
Because our friendship with Him is not based on feelings;
Rather, it is grounded in the faith that He is always by our side.
Whether or not we feel His presence, He is always there to lend His guiding hand

So, where is our resolve to lift up our countenance upon Him when we are down?
Where are our joyful praises when we can only muster a trembling thought?
He gave us a spirit of love and a strong mind; it is only proper to thank him.
How, you say, can we offer thanks when our world seems so bleak?
That, my friend, is what God’s love is all about. He is there, and so must we be.


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  1. Hmmm, this is good advice. "He is there, so must we be." I liked that line especially.