14 February 2007


Indescribable is the warmth that beats upon my brow as I fly high as the eagles,
So is the rush of wind that flutters my eyelashes and brings tears to my eyes.
Further upward I explore this vast array of sky, not even noticing the ever-shrinking globe below.
I chase after contrails that litter the ceiling in their criss-crossing patterns, playing tic-tac-toe amidst the heavens.

My mind has been freed to explore the vast consciousness of freedom high above my head,
Unfettered by all means that hold me to this earthbound terrain.
I flirt with the tropopause—that boundary that separates atmosphere from space;
The view of the stars twinkling before me, God’s created cosmos, consumes my very breath.

The depth of the colors surrounding me is glorious in its opulence,
My eyes becoming the prism through which all light passes.
Rainbows dance upon my retinas, so attainable to reach out and touch
And enter this magical mystery as I race through this envelope of liberty.

I bounce among the clouds resembling gossamered-winged angels—the brilliance of the sun’s reflection so pure.
Cumuli float amid the space that I occupy, eerily zooming past me at this pace that I soar.
Within some, hailstones soon to hit the earth along with lightening quickly to dance pelt me.
With others, they serve as halos crowning my head as I become the sundog in the firmament.

My defiance of gravity is magnificent at best, my choice never to return regrettably nonexistent.
I feel the pull of this world gradually drawing upon me, draining the voltage that fuels my passion.
Like Icarus of lore, rapidly I am to become one with the landscape,
Where, for a brief spec of time, wars and politics were so serenely unnoticed.
Too soon I am earthbound, but always glancing upward at the chance to haunt the mysteries of flight once again.©2007

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