26 February 2007

The Wilderness


Searing sand sifting through my toes
Wandering aimlessly through the terrain
Glaring sun highlighting the barrenness
No oases in sight, but mirages abound

Snakes slithering along the scorching territory
Animals lying in wait for their prey
To pounce upon the unaware
I am that prey remaining ever vigilant

Not willing to let down my guard
I see the enemy at the periphery
But I hold fast within my armor
Steadfastly standing still and waiting

Waiting upon my rescue
Soon to come in its own time
Meanwhile I ponder upon rescues of past
Recorded upon the surface of my heart

These memories my own oases
Springing forth and rendering strength
However feeble it may be at the time
It is ever present to provide the hope

The hope and faith that this too shall pass
My human side wants resolution now
My Spiritual Side resolves in its own moment
This moment, while unknown to me

Will be right on time, never wavering
Despite what the human side desires
Reliance on past performance should satisfy
And provide the respite after which is sorely sought

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