05 February 2007


The darkness of the night escapes me,
No shafts of moonlight to hem me in.
I soar with angels, buffeted by their wings
As the air around me sizzles and pops with electricity.

The fire grows into a molten pot deep within my belly.
The urge to create anything at all stokes the cinders—sparks fly in all directions.
My bed beckons me in this wee hour of the morning,
But my mind races forward, chasing one elusive thought after another.

The slumber my body craves is in itself a dream.
Hour upon hour I remain vigilant at the slightest vague supposition.
Any inkling will do as my mind does cartwheels in this grand space of time.
How the quiet is suppressed by the clamor of thoughts in my head.

It passes me by, one fleeting abstraction after another.
Too much noise encircles the ego in this still burnt cork of night.
They come at me like bat’s wings in frightful flight,
A blur that cannot be captured and imprisoned to evoke expression of creation.

As the nights melt into the days with repetition that knows no end,
The expectation of creation grows silent amid the dissonance that abounds,
Despite the impulse—the drive—to construct.
My mind desperately reaches out to catch even one of these thoughts that race.

And suddenly, as quickly as all these mental images beckon,
There is this tremendous thrust of despair.
What was once a dizzying envelope of energy
Has been usurped by an utter drain of force.

This crushing desolation, while unexpected at the time,
Stands at the head of the line with anticipation.
It’s time to crawl back into the void, craftily disappearing at will,
Knowing that the night has finally closed in and shut out all of the dreams that once filled the sky

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  1. You are a great writer! I felt the emotion in this post....maybe not as intensly as a "first person" experience, but certainly as a bystander nearby! Keep writing... it's great.