06 May 2007

The Absence of Being

Tension fills the still air
The cigarette left unattended
Smoke fills the sterile clean room
The coffee grows cold in its cup

The woman sits all alone
Unaware of her own surroundings
Left to her own devices
She absorbs the thoughts in her head

No where to go
No one to see
She’s left all alone
With no one to help

Emotions abound to process
Too many to cleanly develop
Overwhelmed by the flood that washes
And coursing through her maddening mind

She looks for answers to come
And discovers there are none to be found
She sits there and ponders her life
She’s immune to the outside world

She desperately seeks the reality
Trapped by the pieces in her brain
She lights yet another cigarette
And drinks from the cold bitter coffee

Nothing to stare at before her
Blank walls fill the entire room
The quiet cannot stop the madness
That fuels her desolate space

She gets up to open the door
To the world that has nothing to offer
She stares at the blank cloudless sky
With hopes of a future to come


1 comment:

  1. The visual images in this post come alive building one section after the other. It'a s almost as if the newer post, "The Sailboat of Hope," is the completion of thesewords