03 May 2007

A Pharmacological Dilemma

I feel as though I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. As you know, my psychiatrist added Zyprexa to my cocktail with the intent of trying to wean me off several of my bipolar meds with the hopes of me being successful with one maintenance drug (Lamictal). Lamictal had worked in the past before my bipolar reared its ugly head and I spiraled out of control. However, the Zyprexa has had a major impact on me in that I have gained 25 pounds in two months (it’s widely known that Zyprexa can be a real weight-gainer).

Zyprexa has really had a positive affect on me. I feel I’ve reached a very balanced state. However, at the cost of the weight gain I want to be weaned off that drug. So, my doctor has mentioned adding either Metformin or Phenteramine as a short-term solution to inhibit the weight gain. The Metformin acts on the insulin-producing hormone, while the latter addresses my increased appetite. I am inclined to go with the Phenteramine because it does address my major side-effect of increased appetite. I just feel I am trading off one drug for another. But I really hate the idea of coming off the Zyprexa since it has had such a wonderful impact on my emotional balance.

I don’t know what to do at this stage. I would welcome any feedback from someone who has walked in these shoes.

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