06 May 2007

The Sailboat of Hope

Confessions are good for the soul
Absolution of sins that have been made
She leaves with the promise of hope
And faces the day with no fear

Alive with the thoughts of her future
A slate that has been wiped clean from her past
With no where to go to begin
She sets sail to her new destination

A new beginning to forge
Unsure of her new-found awareness
She unfurls the sails of her history
As the wind blows it all away

The expectation of her new freedom to live
The shackles break free from her life
That once filled her presence with fright
And smothered her being with despair

The air is filled with a promise
The chance to discover herself
Hesitant to look all that closely
Of what she might find staring back

The reflection is made perfect in purity
The eyes grow with an anticipation
Her new life is about to begin
As she sets sail to her unknown existence



  1. I love this poem. The symbolism is rich and the images crisp. Also, I enjoyed the music you have chosen. Your first song goes nicely with this post

  2. How breezy and light and happy! I sailed away with joy...I could almost hear the wind filling the sails, breathing new life into the old weatherbeaten canvas. I could feel the surge of new life and strength running through the soul of the vessel.

    What an adventure! Very cool.

    Great writing Alix.