21 May 2007

Calloused Knees

Each night this child is on her knees
Praying to God in thanks for another day
Her mother is there kneeling with her
This is their bedtime story each night

In the early morning’s hour she hears her voice
In her mother’s room on her knees praising God
She slips right next to her quietly
And gets on her little knees to join her voice

They prayed together every morning and night
It was their tradition they shared
No matter what was going on in their lives
Nothing could separate them from this time together

The little girl was older now in a home of her own
But she knew she was still sharing with her mom,
A thousand miles away, of spending that precious time
Together on their knees before God

The once little girl now had a daughter of her own
Every night she’d kneel by the cradle and pray
Knowing that, across the country, her mother was, too
When she’d close her eyes, she could feel her mother’s presence

When the baby grew older and had her own bed
Her mother began to teach her to pray
And explained what a glorious God they served
And one night the little girl asked Jesus into her heart

This tradition continued: mother and daughter together
Every morning praising God for all His glory and grace
And every evening thanking Him for all He had given
What a site to behold from generation to generation

Years later on one of their many trips to Grandma
They were on their knees at her bedside while she was dying
Then, at once, they both reached up to Grandma’s knees
And asked God to safely bring her home

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