21 May 2007

A Day in the Life

The day starts out with a hush
The moon is high and the birds are still
Yet, I feel this gentle stirring in my heart
It’s God welcoming me to a brand new day

I fall down to my knees in reverence
His presence is all-encompassing
What a joy it is to receive
A wake-up call from my Father

The sun migrates onto the horizon
As His Spirit burns brightly inside
Amazing to be called His own
What a team we’ll make today

Too soon the morning grind begins
Phone calls, emails, meetings and chatter
Yet I still carry deep within me
God’s glorious presence and grace

At lunch I marvel at His majesty
The splendor of the massive trees
The kaleidoscope of a flower garden
My name is written on His hand

The day is winding down
As many people rush home
But when all is said and done
I want to be that good and faithful servant

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