25 May 2007

Soaring Prisms

Kites floating in the summer skies
Flirting with the clouds above
Their color prisms among the heavens
As they find themselves flying higher and higher

It’s fun to watch the little kids efforts
Determined to harness the breezy fuel
Running top throttle in hopes of success
Only to find it stuck in the sand

What joy to see expressions of delight
When, all at once, they realize their efforts
And squeal with amusement in their victory
And watch their kites play dodge ball together

What freedom and abandon these toys create
As they craftily attempt the aerial maneuvers
If only our lives could enjoy this independence
Instead of, at times, being stuck in the sand

A lesson to be learned is to give it your all
Living life with a passion that knows no end
This lesson comes with risks, not many are willing
But to practice this fervor will result with such glee

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