10 May 2007

The Beauty From the Heavens

Rainbows are promises from God
At first that he would never flood the earth
But it also brings hope
When He walks us through the storms
The promise of victory to be realized

Think of the enormous beauty of the colors
A true prism of anticipation
That the power of God is still in our lives
To hold us tight through the tough times we endure
A positive sign that He provides for relief

For rainbows to occur, the sun must emerge from the clouds
What a testimony and symbolism of the one true Son
To deliver us of the tempests we undergo
A reminder of the knowledge that we are never alone
The Lord knows those who belong to Him

So, when the gale force winds swirl around us
Remember He who guarantees His presence
Take solace for the dark clouds will soon pass
His timetable may not always be ours
But when He delivers He is right on time

Look for the magical arc of that splash of trust
Life up your eyes to acknowledge His greatness
Fall to your knees to truly worship His magnitude
Endless as the seas of this world
He alone is worthy of our praise


1 comment:

  1. Alix, I have been really enjoying reading your posts. It seems as though your bipolar has become more in balance as the tone of your poetry has lightened up tremendously. And the photos are so apropos. Keep up your excellent writing. You definitely have been given a gift of expressing yourself. I also might add that the music is quite a nice touch.